Vertical Rotary Cartoner


When it comes to maximizing your production efficiency, a vertical rotary cartoner is a great tool to use. The VRC-12 from Nuspark Engineering has a high-capacity vertical feed that can fill up to 80 cartons per minute. This model's special feeder positively erects the cartons into the buckets. Suction cups in the top and bottom of the hopper hold the cartons in place to eliminate friction between the rails and the carton.


This fully automatic vertical rotary cartoner comes with industry-first improvements that provide superior reliability and repeatability while maximizing the versatility of this equipment. This machine is equipped with a 12-position indexer that produces up to 60 packages per minute. Its turn-table design accommodates coding and inspection as well as loading and unloading packages. The VRC-60's footprint is small and is easy to maintain and changeover, so the space needed to install it is minimal.


Nuspark is another company that offers a vertical rotary cartoner. This Swiss-based filling and sealing company is famous for its VRC-60 machine that produces up to 60 packages per minute. This machine can accommodate different types of bottles and loading options. It has 12 stations, each with their own function, and integrated suction cups hold the cartons in place. This prevents friction between the packaging line's rails and prevents scuffing of the packages.


The VRC-60 is a fully automatic rotary cartoner. It incorporates industry-first advancements to achieve superior reliability and repeatability. The machine's flexible layout makes it easy to customize to suit your business's needs. A 12-station turn-table design helps you load, code, inspect, and sort products while maintaining an efficient working space. It has a compact footprint and is highly affordable. It can run up to 60 packages per minute. Go to to know more. 


A vertical rotary cartoner is a highly versatile piece of packaging equipment that is useful for a variety of industries. Its 12-station design provides for flexible operation, while the continuous motion version provides high-speed cartoning. A continuous motion model features a starwheel that switches between stillness and motion. The VRC-60 is capable of forming and sealing small-format vertical end-load cartons. The RVC-1-SL is an ideal choice for any business that needs a vertical rotary cartoner.


The VRC-60 vertical rotary cartoner from Nuspark is an excellent choice for small-scale packaging operations. With its high capacity, it can package 60 cartons per minute. The VRC-60 can also accommodate various bottle sizes and loading options. It has 12 separate stations, each with a specific function. An integral suction cup holds the cartons in place, preventing scuffing and friction between the rails.


A rotary cartoner can pack a variety of products. The product can be placed into the box manually or automatically. This machine can process up to 30 boxes per minute. If you need to package smaller products, you can use this machine for this purpose. It is an ideal choice for pharmaceutical and food industries. A dynamic vertical cartoning machine can also be used for blister packaging. It has a wide range of applications, and is ideal for small production runs. Find out more at

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